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Tribune Chronicle  / R. Michael Semple

Carlisa Davis, 19, who is on trial on child endangering charges, listens to testimony Wednesday afternoon in the courtroom of Trumbull County Common Pleas Judge W. Wyatt McKay. The video of her interview with Warren police was played for the jury. If found guilty of the felony charges, Davis, 19, could face a maximum of six years in prison. Assistant Prosecutor Diane Barber played the hourlong video of the interview, which was conducted shortly after Davis children 21-month-old Danae Davis and 9-month-old Cayden Perry had to be revived with the narcotic antidote Naloxone at Trumbull Memorial Hospital Feb. 2 after they ingested heroin at the Randolph Street home. In the video, under questioning from Carney, Davis admitted she was asleep when the children ingested the drug. She said she was awakened by her brother, who told the young mother the oldest child had gotten into the food. Carney later testified that food is the current street name for heroin. During the videotaped interview, Davis admitted that she had seen her son Cayden sitting in a pile of powder that was gathered under the kitchen table. The video showed Davis speculating that her daughter reached up to grab the drug off the table and then dropped it and later, the son, who was following his sibling, picked it up. In the video, Davis said her daughter was taken to Trumbull Memorial Hospital by her father after the girl became drowsy and started breathing hard, like it was an asthma attack. Davis told Carney she drove separately with her son in a car seat. jobWhen they got to the hospital, Davis said she noticed her son was slumped over and displaying the same breathing symptoms as his sister. Davis told Carney she and her children had been living at the Randolph Street home for about four months and she knew that her two brothers and friends were selling drugs out of the house.

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